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The Gift of Hope brain donor program is a resource for individuals and their families who wish to make arrangements for brain donation prior to their death. Choosing to become a donor ahead of time is the best way to ensure a smooth donation process. However, the decision to donate may be made at, or immediately after, the time of death.

Unlike general donor programs, the Center offers donors the opportunity to aid research in the disease they are afflicted with. As a result of the precious gift of brain donation, hundreds of scientific articles have been published. Research is now in progress in the areas of chemical imbalances and deficiencies, genetics, autoimmunity and viral infections. It is our hope that these gifts will aid the millions of patients who are waiting for the discoveries scientists are working relentlessly to find.

The HBSFRC accepts tissue donations from both healthy volunteers and patients afflicted with neurological and psychiatric disease. Neurological tissue from patients and volunteers is essential for research studies devoted to finding treatments and cures. Your participation in the Brain Donor Program will help advance human research that may lead to diagnostic markers for early detection, treatments, and cures for individuals suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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