Request Specimens

All requests for tissue must be submitted to the NIH Neurobiobank.
When visiting the NIH Neurobiobank site please click on the drop down menu item labeled Researchers and click on Submit Request. Please find more information regarding tissue request on that page, if further information is needed please contact us at 310-268-3536.

Please fill out our digital form and email it to us if you would like to obtain human neurospecimens for your research. Alternatively, you may also download the PDF or Word Document form and fax it to us, or contact us directly about your research needs.

How to Complete Fillable PDF Forms

A Fillable Form is a PDF file that you download to your computer. You can open, edit, and save the file with Acrobat Reader 8.0 or later (older versions of Reader will not allow you to save the file). If you do not have the Reader, get it FREE at

As long as only the user’s own computer is used, there are no security or HIPAA issues.

You are responsible for entering all required information.

Click here for step by step instructions.