The Human Brain and Spinal Fluid Resource Center (HBSFRC) is a brain bank for neuroscientists. The Center collects, stores, and distributes the highest quality of pre- and post-mortem tissues, including brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), serum, blood cells and urine, to be use by scientific investigators of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

The most vital part of the HBSFRC is the Brain Donor Program. Volunteers and patients who elect to become donors support scientists in their pursuit of improving human health by granting them the opportunity to conduct life-saving research.

Donate to ScienceThe Human Brain and Spinal Fluid Resource Center is supported by The National Institute of Health (NIH). Please visit the NIH Neurobiobank for more information.

The Human Brain and Spinal Fluid Resource Center (HBSFRC)

Donate to Science

Donate to ScienceThinking about donating to science? Find out about our confidential donation process and how you can support neurological research in finding treatments and cures for the future.

Brain Bank for Researchers

Brain Bank for ResearchersHBSFRC supplies high-quality biospecimens to qualified researchers and scientists. Looking for samples? Browse our inventory and read about our strict protocols.